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The major repairs of engines

A team of professionals of the DIESEL SERWIS company is in the possession of appropriate qualifications and also a number of-year long experience in carrying out the major repairs of the engines of passenger vehicles. We carry out the full-scope major repairs of the engines. The price estimation of our services is preceded by the detailed verification of the separate assemblies of an engine and also of an injection pump.

We use the highest-quality spare parts used by the producers.

Computer-assisted diagnostics

A wireless KTS 540 is a professional piece of equipment of a garage which is capable of becoming a versatile tool of diagnostics together with a computer of a PC type or a laptop. Equipped with the Standard Bluetooth of the first class, with a strong and stable radio connection, having the range of up to 100 m, the Bluetooth USB adapter of the Bosch company as far as the factory equipment is concerned, a test of radio communication with the use of an integrated signal transmitter, versatile application in passenger vehicles and lorries, through the OBD factory seat, which is destined to be used for installations with the powers supply of 12V and 24V, the improved technique of measurements for a multi-meter, the better analyzing of signals thanks to: a significantly higher speed of sampling, a higher speed of the repetition of images, better releasing in the direction X, a one-channel multi-meter for the measurements of the voltage, intensity and resistance of electric power. It is provided with a replaceable adapter, integrated in the module (Multiplexer). The casing and connecting wires are adjusted to the conditions dominating in the garage.

A SOLUS-PRO is an advanced diagnostic device which is destined to be used by demanding diagnostic personnel expecting a number of sophisticated functions and capabilities of a tool. SOLUS-PRO fulfills these requirements for a number of reasons: apart from the capabilities in terms of diagnostics, the SOLUS-PRO tester provides the possibility of programming the important elements of work and functionality of vehicles, for instance, air-conditioning systems, controlling automatic gearboxes, the systems of ABS, airbags, systems of controlling an engine, and deleting the codes of defects. That means substantial capabilities and a long list of serviceable vehicles.

With the use of the SOLUS-PRO diagnostic tester, we can read out and delete the codes of defects, as well as look through the parameters of the systems being tested simultaneously with them being tested. An interesting function of the tester is the possibility of switching the indicating lights of periodical check-ups.

The SOLUS-PRO diagnostic tester offers a possibility of recording and replaying the test which has been carried out frame after frame. It is also equipped with the function of the identification of the twenty-five recent tests, which renders work more efficient and accelerates it, and which is also a perfect tool in the course of a direct contact with a customer.
This function also makes it possible to carry out a “road test”, allowing to discover these defects which are only revealed in the certain or specific conditions of the work of an engine, for instance, while travelling on a bumpy road surface.

A new diagnostic device, mega macs 66, is a device perfectly meeting all the requirements of a garage. It is operated in an intuitive manner with the use of a touch-screen and carries out the entire scope of activities, commencing with car diagnostics, including finding out the mistakes and also the preparation of spare parts and accessories. In difficult cases, by means of touching the button once, it is possible to connect with the professionals from the technical helpline of the Hella Gutmann company immediately. They will provide a caller with assistance rapidly and without unnecessary office procedures, ensuring that the demanded solution is obtained. Now, carrying out the diagnostics of the electronic systems of a vehicle (engine, ABS, airbags, air conditioning and others) is even more simple, whereas the application of numerous additional accessories will make it possible to broaden the range of the capabilities of this device, and also that of services which are offered.

The review of the most important functions:

  • A touch-screen, operated in an intuitive manner.
  • The possibility of adding modules with additional functions.
  • Reading out and deleting the codes of defects of all control devices.
  • Full information relevant to the code of a defect.
  • Assistance in the course of the repairs of a particular vehicle with the use of the codes of defects available in real time*.
  • The test of the functioning of executive sub-assemblies.
  • The presentation of parameters and also the explanation of them – up to 16 parameters simultaneously.
  • Coding, basic settings and restoring service settings.
  • The interactive, coloured block diagrams of electric connections with the presentation of real values and also parameters in real time*.
  • The diagnosing of all construction elements with a manual about connecting the measurement device in a proper manner.
  • A fast versatile meter with graphic presentation**.
  • A two-channel oscilloscope with the range of measurements from 10 μs to 200 s**.
  • The plans of check-up*.
  • The block diagrams of searching for defects*.
  • The automated analysis of measured signals.
  • The photography of an engine and also the inside of a vehicle with the location of an element marked.
  • Repair Plus in order to obtain the detailed assistance in the course of a repair*.
  • Car-History for the recording of full information about the past of the vehicle.
  • A direct connection with the catalogues of accessories and spare parts**.
  • Air macs base for a wireless communication with a computer.

The repairs of injectors

The third-degree repairs encompass the full repairs of injectors and include:

  • exchanging nozzles,
  • exchanging a set of sealings,
  • exchanging valve seats and bolts.

The testing of injectors carried out on a test bench with the control of a technological process provides the company with the possibility of carrying out repairs, maintaining the quality and precision which are comparable with those of brand-new injectors.


New and second-hand injectors constantly on sale


The repairs of traditional, two-spring injectors and of the Common Rail injectors


The repairs of traditional, two-spring injectors and of the Common Rail injectors


The repairs of traditional and two-spring injectors


The diagnostics of the Common Rail injectors


The testing and price estimation of injectors


The repairs of traditional injectors

The repairs of injection pumps


The repairs of the PE VA VE mechanical pumps and electronic pumps, and also of the Common Rail CP-1, CP-2 and CP-3 pumps


The repairs of mechanical pumps and of the Common Rail DFP-1 and DFP-3 pumps


The repairs of mechanical pumps and of the Common Rail HP), HP2, HP3 and HP4 pumps


The repairs of mechanical pumps and electronic pumps


The repairs of the VE mechanical pumps and also of electronic pumps


Installing electric and electronic devices in a car, setting the ignition and lights; carrying out the repairs or regenerating damaged electric devices.

The service of air conditioning

ACS 650 a fully-automated device for all service works on passenger vehicles.
It ensures the maximum level of efficiency and safety.
The modern technology of servicing strengthens the position of the garage.
Air conditioning in a car is slowly becoming the standard equipment of it. Currently, nearly 60% of small cars, more than 80% middle- and higher-class and the majority of utility vehicles are provided with air conditioning.

ACS 650 is a device for quick and full-automated service works on air conditioning. It offers the maximum effectiveness of work. All the processes which are carried out are entirely automated, and that is true for these with the participation of a cooling factor, and those with the participation of oil and also contrast media alike. Text messages displayed on a large display screen make operating the device significantly easier, guaranteeing the safe and efficient functioning of it.

The repairs of suspensions and setting the geometry of car wheels

The suspension of a vehicle transfers the forces created at the point at which the car wheel touches the road surface on the car body. It guarantees the comfort of travelling and also the stability and controllability of a vehicle. It is a part of the chassis, and it is composed of: control arms, transverse and horizontal bars, helical springs, leaf springs and shock absorbers. The first symptoms of the wear and tear or suspension are: the loss of stability by a vehicle, the deteriorated quality of driving the vehicle, the irregular wear and tear of the tread of car wheels and increase in the length of braking distance.
We provide the following services:

  • exchanging elements made of rubber and metal,
  • exchanging control arms and the gudgeon pins of control arms,
  • exchanging transverse and horizontal bars,
  • exchanging connectors and gum stabilizers,
  • exchanging springs and car wheel springs,
  • exchanging shock absorbers,
  • exchanging car wheel bearings,
  • controlling and setting geometry,

The regeneration of turbochargers

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