ACS 650

ACS 650 a fully-automated device for all service works on passenger vehicles.

It ensures the maximum level of efficiency and safety. The modern technology of servicing strengthens the position of the garage. Air conditioning in a car is slowly becoming the standard equipment of it. Currently, nearly 60% of small cars, more than 80% middle- and higher-class and the majority of utility vehicles are provided with air conditioning.

ACS 650 is a device for quick and full-automated service works on air conditioning. It offers the maximum effectiveness of work. All the processes which are carried out are entirely automated, and that is true for these with the participation of a cooling factor, and those with the participation of oil and also contrast media alike. Text messages displayed on a large display screen make operating the device significantly easier, guaranteeing the safe and efficient functioning of it.

KTS 540

A professional needs an immediate access to the most important functions. That is ensured by the wireless KTS 540 in the scope of daily applications in a workshop.

  • Standard Bluetooth of class 1 with a strong and stable radio connection, having the range of up to 100 m
  • Adapter Bluetooth USB of the Bosch company within the scope of factory equipment for a convenient and easy first installation
  • Steering and the activation of the installation with the use of the integrated DDC (Diagnostics Device Configuration) software
  • Automatic finding of the KTS module
  • The test of radio communication with the use of an integrated signal transmitter
  • A testing program for checking radio communication
  • The optical and acoustic recognition of the state/monitoring of radio connection
  • The mode of simulation with the use of DDC, configured individually
  • Versatile application in passenger vehicles and lorries with the use of the OBD seat, included into the set of factory equipment, for 14V and 28V installations
  • A novelty: an oscilloscope for diagnostics
  • An improved technique of measurement for a multi-meter and an oscilloscope
  • The better analysis of signals thanks to: a significantly higher speed of sampling, a higher speed of the repetition of images and better releasing in the direction X
  • The increased resistance of an entry facilitates locating defects
  • Easy connection of the testers of KTS to a vehicle
  • A replaceable adapter as a modern and smart solution
  • An non-ambiguous communication thanks to a multiplexer and also a modern recognition of an adapter of cables: cable K and L, SAE and CAN plugged into all possible contacts the OBD seat
  • A smart adaptation cable ensures in the future trouble-free turning on the multiplexer and also finding automatically controls
  • A novelty: a replaceable adapter integrated with the tester and possible to be easily replaced with a more updated version
  • A special handle ensures convenient fitting and removing

Protocol of diagnosis:

  • ISO 9141-2,K/L lines
  • Flash code
  • SAE-J1850 DLC (GM,…)/SAE-J1850 SPC (Ford)
  • CAN ISO11898 ISO 15765-4 (OBD)


  • Precision: 1% of the measured value
  • Voltage and minimum resolution: 0.1 mV/the maximum range of measurements: 200 V
  • Intensity of electric power and minimum resolution: 0.1 mA/ the maximum range of measurements: 600 A
  • Resistance and minimum resolution: 100 mW/the maximum range of measurements: 1 MOhm


  • The OBD cable
  • The universal cable
  • Cables for multi-meter measurements: yellow (+), blue (-) and black (mass), power supply device.
  • The Bluetooth USB adapter
  • The red pin
  • USB 3 m

EPS 200 – electronic sampler for checking:

  • UI pump-injector with the use of a fitting adapter
  • one- and two-spring injectors
  • DHK injectors (complete standard injector) with an NBF (a detector of pin elevation)
  • gradual injectors
  • Electromagnetic CRI and CRIN injectors
  • the injectors of other manufacturers: standard and CRI
  • with the in-built system of sucking-out and a programmed vice for rinsing

EPS 200A

The characteristic qualities of EPS 200:

  • A compact table sampler, working in the environment of Windows
  • An automated course of testing
  • Intuitively-operated panel
  • Steering with the use of a touch-screen (possibility of operations with a keyboard as well)
  • The integrated database of data for recording results of measurements and also information about the Customers
  • The assessment of the UI and DHK injectors within a warranty period
  • Testing the tightness of complete injectors (electric testing for leakages)
  • Testing the tightness of seats (optical testing for leakages in an injector)
  • The electric testing of „croaking“
  • The testing of electromagnetic CRI / CRIN injectors based upon the measurement of dosing while on idle running, with full load and the size of return flow

EPS 7008

Bosch EPS 708 a modern sampling station for the Common Rail systems

A new sampling table EPS 708 has been developed with the repairs of high-pressure pumps particularly in mind (CP1 and CP3, in the future CP4, and also Delphi, Denso and Siemens) and also the Common Rail injectors for passenger vehicles (up to 6 pieces simultaneously) and lorries (up to 4 pieces) of the Bosch company and also Denso, Siemens or Delphi (electro-magnetic and piezo-electrical) alike.

A broad and precise measurement of dosing parameters makes it possible to achieve the precise assessment of an injector or a pump. Straightforward operating (electronic system of measurements controlled by computer, an extensive data base and easy assembling of the pumps and injectors alike) makes it possible for these companies which, thus far, have not been engaged in the repairs of diesel injection systems to extend the scope of their services, and for those companies which are of typically diesel-concentrated character it provides a professional tool of diagnostics and repair of modern components of contemporary diesel engines.